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About Our Program


Vision Statement

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The Veterans Preservation Corps – Los Angeles (VPC-LA) is a training program that will assist Veterans in the transition from their service careers to being independent and positive members of their communities.


The VPC-LA is a blend of field tested best practices: Instructor -led; Hands-on training leading to industry valued credentials plus paid work experience, using the skills Veterans learn in the class-room and/or in the field. To that we add workplace and computer literacy skills, work readiness skills, and life skills training, supported by a proactive case management approach and utilizing the important component of Vets Mentoring Vets.


VPC-LA staff and volunteers will be opening doors, securing internships and employment opportunities on behalf of our Veterans. From helping them become financially stable and improving their credit rating, to making sure they are a good match for the employers, the VPC-LA is all about creating a future for those who’ve earned our respect.

The Problem

Existing job training programs target and train for entry level jobs (limited skills), that only provide for minimum wage compensation, and don’t integrate the other skill sets needed by Veterans for a successful transition to private sector employment at a level which allows them to earn a geographic specific living wage.



What differentiates the VPC-LA project from most training and employment programs is that it has been designed for post 9/11 veterans who are best able to benefit (IT and Construction related MOS) from this “Boot Camp” style of intense training; It i is Not an Entitlement program. Pro-Active Case Management (ACM), Life Skills, Work Readiness, Occupational Skills training, Internships/OJT, comprehensive wrap around services, Job Placement assistance plus Earn While You Learn compensation will all contribute to the success of each Veteran. Our efforts must be met by each Vet’s 100% commitment to our program so they maximize their new skills and can take advantage of the opportunities we are creating.

Veterans who successfully complete the class room training, internship, and industry certification process (CompTIA/OSHA/NCCER) will enter a career path at a livable wage. This 16-week program gives Veterans the foundation for a positive self -sufficient life style.